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The Celebrity Secret to Wrinkle-Free, Ageless Skin (Hint: it's NOT plastic surgery!)

What inTouch had to say about CITY Face

Thanks to good genes, Lisa Marie has a natural advantage for fighting wrinkles. But since every little bit helps, she uses the CITY Face Skin Remodeler to keep her skin smooth.

Some celebrities still resort to plastic surgery to combat the signs of aging, but time has shown that those who chose the surgical path don't always age well after the fact. With advances in beauty technology, plastic surgery is no longer the answer to looking great for your age.

 Many celebrities swear by miracle anti-aging creams that allow them to age gracefully and naturally, keeping their skin youthful and beautiful without the expense, pain, or uncertain outcome of surgery.

What to look for & How to use an anti-aging wrinkle cream to get beautiful ageless skin?

The best anti-aging cream will contain several active ingredients layered together to target the multiple signs of aging: sun damage and discoloration; dullness; decreased circulation and slowed cellular function; deep facial wrinkles; and loss of firmness and elasticity due to collagen breakdown.

***Beware brands that require you to invest in a whole line of products to address all these areas of aging -they are often a waste of money.

Most importantly, make sure the anti-aging cream you choose, guarantees results. Your face is your best accessory, if you aren't investing in it by treating it with the best anti-aging wrinkle cream available, isn't it time you started?

CITY Face Skin Remodeler: You won't believe your eyes

anti-wrinkle creamCITY Face Skin Remodeler is designed to be the foundation to your anti-aging skin care regimen.  We've layered exclusive, cutting-edge beauty technologies to result in a dramatic 40% reduction in the quantity and depth of facial wrinkles in as little as 60 days!

Faster Results and No Side Effects

CITY Face Skin Remodeler is so revolutionary, In Touch magazine wonders if it's "better than Botox?" Don't waste time and money with a shelf full of creams that only do one thing. CITY Face Skin Remodeler addresses all of your primary anti-aging concerns in one luxurious non-greasy, lightweight treatment.

Proof That Our Exclusive Formula Works

CITY Face Skin Remodeler uses some of the same collagen peptide technology as award-winning CITY Lips formulas to stimulate your skin's natural collagen production to tighten, lift, and smooth wrinkles. At the same time, our exclusive formula relaxes facial muscles, preventing future wrinkles, and promotes skin's elasticity, cushion, and firmness. Luxury active ingredients like Kombuchka(tm), Celadrin(tm), and Vitamin C fight free radicals, brighten skin and even skin tone, fade dark spots, eliminate dullness, reduce redness and inflammation, increase micro-circulation, boost cell function, and increase skin's clarity. From the first time you apply CITY Face Skin Remodeler, you will feel a difference in your skin!

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