Lip Wrinkle Camouflage

How to camouflage those fine lines and wrinkles around your lips.

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5 Minute Lip Plumper


Natalia walks you through exactly how to dramatically plump your lips in under 5 minutes.  If you like this video, be sure to spread the love!  Just hit the “like button”.

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CITY Lips: Original Formula vs Advanced Formula

“What is the difference between CITY Lips Original Formula and CITY Lips Advanced Formula?”
Sounds a little overwhelming, doesn’t it? I couldn’t agree more, and I remember asking the same exact question when I was very first introduced to CITY Lips. I’m going to break it all the way down for you.

Now, I know exactly what you’re thinking: “Both products deliver dramatic plumping effects, stimulate collagen, hydrate your lips and diminish lines, hmmm…. so which product is better?” There is no right or wrong answer! The difference between the Original Formula and the Advanced Formula is mostly a matter of personal preference.
CITY Lips Original Formula is packed with collagen building peptides and contains luxurious moisturizers that quickly absorb into the lips to soothe and plump. It is fortified with essential oils that repair and renew your lips revealing a smoother, fuller, hydrated lip. The Original Formula has a very smooth feeling, and is never sticky. It has a mild and sweet taste and adds a healthy subtle shine. The Original Formula is also a favorite of some men who want a “barely there” look with powerful lip plumping, and anyone who likes to keep their lips neutral and healthy.

CITY Lips Advanced Formula contains all of the same collagen building peptides as the Original Formula, but it has one extra *secret* ingredient… Hyaluronic Acid. If you’re new to our blog, you can find all of the information about Hyaluronic Acid in our previous post here. The Hyaluronic Acid in the Advanced Formula causes a more immediate puff and flush of the lips, and in some cases feels a little warm depending on the level of moisture that you already have in your lips. It feels a little more thick and has a beautiful glossy shine that stays put for a few hours. This product is also fantastic for men and women that wear CITY Lips overnight for even more plumping action while you sleep, because of its staying power.

Both products will achieve awesome results when used as directed, especially over time. We all run around aimlessly looking for miracle treatments that provide instant results, but the truth is, it’s not going to happen overnight. CITY Lips is different than any other lip plumper on the market because it not only adds moisture and an instant healthy plump, it has a compounding effect and actually builds and protects collagen in your lips over time.

Our little trick that we rant and rave about here in the office is taking before and after pictures. We mean it! Don’t be shy, take pictures of your lips from every angle and hang on to them! You’ll be amazed at the difference you’ll see when you refer back to them. Now I’ll tell you why I am so adamant about this: because everyone is their own worst critic. You know yourself and your body better than anyone knows you. You look at yourself in the mirror every single day, “looking” for change. Every day even the most subtle changes take place and as you slowly and subtly get used to those changes, of course you’re not going to notice a huge dramatic difference if you’re examining yourself every single day! Give it about 3 weeks and then take a look back. This is our little secret, and we dare you to try it!

Until next time, stay beautiful!

3 Of The Best Valentines Day Makeup Looks

Whether you want to be a seductress, the prettiest girl next door that has ever lived, or an independent fashionista for Valentines day, we have the makeup look for you.  Use the tips in this article to look irresistibly YOU for V day.


Want to get down this Valentines day?  Stay true to classic sex appeal with a sultry and irresistible bombshell make up look.

Cat Eyes

1. Choose liquid eyeliner for the most dramatic effect.

2.Remove any excess liquid by blotting your pen with a tissue. Look down at the mirror, while your head is back to allow your eyes to remain open while you apply eyeliner to the top lid. Rest your elbow on the counter top while applying the eyeliner to increase the steadiness of your hands. Apply the liner on the top lid, moving from the inside toward the outside.

3.Add a wing to the lower or upper lash dine, depending upon your preference. Make a small wing for a sophisticated cat-eye and increase the wing to intensify the drama. Draw an even line along the bottom of the eye, always building up slowly, as it is easier to add more than to edit what is already drawn. Connect the upper and lower lash lines. Remove any excess by wiping it away with a cotton applicator that has been dipped in makeup remover.

Glam Lips
For glam lips you need a deep red color, extreme high gloss, and plump bouncy lips.
To achieve this look get City Lips Original Formula Lip Plumper in SanfranKissCo.  It lasts for hours and will give you the perfect pout for steamy stares.

Hyper Groomed Eyebrows

For perfectly shaped eyebrows, it is best to see a professional.  If you would prefer to groom your own brows at home, it is best to go for a glamourous thick style.  Always try to follow the natural shape of your brow to some degree, and don;t be afraid to use scissors!  A few snips here and there can make your brows look highly groomed.


City Lips Romantic Valentines Day MakeupROMANTIC SWEET FRESH

Going on a romantic dinner for Valentines day?  Melt the heart of whoever you are with this  youthful and energetic classic southern peach look.

Lovely Eyes

1. Pick your pink eyeshadow based on your skin’s undertones for the most flattering effect. Cool undertones are suited to a silvery or bluish pink, while warm undertones look stunning with a peach or golden pink.

2. Apply an eye primer on clean lids from lash line to brow bone. After the primer absorbs, blend an eyeshadow base on, also from lash line to brow bone. Primer and base will help your pink eyeshadow blend smoothly on your eyelids, as well as last longer and appear more vibrant than if you neglected to prep your eyes.

3. Stipple the pink eyeshadow on from lash line to just slightly past the crease. Rim your lower lash lines with the eyeshadow as well to balance out your eye makeup. Blend a flesh tone highlight eyeshadow on your brow bones and on the inner corners of your eyes to set off the pink and draw light to your eyes. Buff away any hard lines in your eyeshadow with a fluffy eyeshadow brush.

4. Add depth to your eye makeup by blending a darker pink or a complementing eyeshadow, such as brown or gray, into your crease or into the outer corners of your top eyelids.

5. apply black or brown mascara, dislodging any clumps with your mascara wand. Defined lashes give you a more polished look.

Pink Cheeks

Choose a color that is similar to tyour pinky peach eyeshadow color.  since your look is romantic, do not worry so much about contorting.  Brush your blush on the balls of your cheeks and quickly across your nose as well to create a natural sun kissed look.

Irresistible Lips

There is nothing lovelier than a pretty pink mouth.  Choose something that works with your natural lip color instead of covering.  A slight sheen can work well to add volume to your lips.  Try City Lips Advanced Formula Lip Plumper in Los AngeLips.


City Lips Fierce Valentines Day MakeupFIERCE FEISTY CHIC

Don’t believe in Valentines day?  Show the world you don’t need any Hallmark holiday to tell you it is time to wear pink and red and look pretty for the boys.  Show off your prowess with a make up look that screams style, independence, and pride.

Contoured Cheeks

Give yourself an edge with properly contoured cheekbones.  Proper contouring is hard to get right, but you should take the extra time for Valentines day to perfect the technique.

1.The trick to determining where to contour your cheek is to place the tip of your index finger on a part of your ear called the tragus. Then rest your finger on your cheek and use it to locate your cheekbone (keeping the top of your finger on your tragus). When you find your cheekbone, place your finger just underneath your cheekbone (not on top of it).
If you’re having a hard time locating your cheekbone, make a fish face (suck in your cheeks) and try again. If you still can’t find it, just make a 45 degree angle like in the picture on the left.

2. Choose a taupe color with grey undertone to contour. You can use powder blush or even eye shadow. Take an angle powder brush, and lightly swipe it a couple times across your contour color.

3. Place the angle powder brush on the highest part of your cheek where your finger was positioned.

Following the line you made with your finger, move the brush downwards. Lessen the pressure of the brush on your cheek as you move downwards. Stop when your brush is below the end of your eye brow.  The reason for lessening the pressure as you move downwards is because you want the darkest part of the color near your ear.  The color should then fade out.

4.  Now Blend the color upwards to create your perfectly contoured cheek bones!

Intense Eyes

To get the most intense eyes, you will have to have long, thick eyelashes.  If you don’t have them naturally, you can get them using a high quality eyelash enhancer for a more permanent look or by using fake eyelashes.

Use nude, black and gey colors on your eyes.  A smokey eye look would be appropriate.  While under eye makeup is usually not recommended-it can work really well for a fierce look.  If you want to look younger you use white liner on your bottom lashes, so is natural that to look older and mysterious you should apply black liner to your bottom lid.  Imagine a hot British girl leaving the night club.  Or just imagine Kim Kardashian.  Make sure the shadow under your eyes is never thicker than what you have going on above.

Bright Lips

Choose a bold lip color.  Orange, hot pink or even yellow if you are really confident.  Since the color will already pack a lot of punch, avoid glosses.  Use a matte color that doesn’t wear off easily.  There is nothing worse than a statement that wears off to become an understatement.

What is a Capsule Makeup Kit, and Why Do I Need One?

It’s a long story, but I used to fly to Germany once a month. I traveled for about 24 straight hours when I did this, with two layovers and plenty of crap airplane/airport food. My skin and my body paid the price for the stress of traveling like that, so I wouldn’t recommend it. I learned many things (i.e. avoid JFK at all costs, for real), but among the most important was how essential it is to have a capsule makeup kit (a kit containing your grooming basics) on hand at all times, especially when you travel. My kit had to meet the TSA standards for a carry-on bag (everything less than 3 ounces) and not be to big for my often-overstuffed luggage. Capsule kits are great because they allow you some important freedoms: if you’re traveling, you can remove your makeup for the flight and spare your skin, then reapply when you reach your destination. You can also freshen up whatever needs freshening at a moment’s notice (i.e., if there is a hot guy on your long-haul flight that you want to be cute for). Capsule makeup kits are easy to create, and you may already have one started in the bag you carry with you every day. Here’s what mine contains:


brush wandMini Brushes. It doesn’t matter what you have if you don’t have the tools to apply it! Get a little brush kit for your capsule bag and you’ll always have what you need. Don’t go overboard – just a few essentials will work. For this purpose, the Sephora Brush Wand works well.




Facial cleanser. You know those little sample packets of cleanser you get from Sephora or wherever when you make a purchase? Those are gold in a capsule makeup kit. Pop a couple in your bag so you can wash your face wherever you are. You know how it is when your makeup just gets old or dry and you need to start from scratch? These babies allow for that.


Moisturizer. Few things are more important when you are traveling than keeping your skin moisturized. As above, you can keep a few sample packets of moisturizer or find a small tube or bottle to carry with you. My moisturizers always contain at least 35 SPF, since sun protection is so important when you fly. Ever been beamed in the face by the blazing sun while in those window seats? Brutal.


Clinique bbFoundation/BB Cream. I would not use random samples for this item. My BB Cream of choice these days is Clinique Age Defense BB Cream. I love the coverage–not to sheer, not too heavy–and the shades. It also has SPF 30 in case your moisturizer is deficient. I always travel with this baby.




Concealer. Concealer is a must in your kit because most of us battle blemishes, uneven skin tone, or dark circles when we travel. Concealer lightens and brightens and helps even you out. I am a huge fan of Make Up For Ever concealers – they do the trick.


bare mineralsPowder. I’ve got combination skin that gets testy when I travel – the oil production heads into overdrive, and the dryness kicks it up a notch. A little mini powder where you tend to get shiny can keep oily or combination skin at bay. If your skin is dry, obviously, don’t bother unless your foundation choice makes your skin oily. I like this mini powder kit from Bare Minerals, especially since the powder brush is included so you don’t need to buy a separate one for your kit!





Eyeshadow and Eyeliner. The trick with eyeshadow in a capsule makeup kit is to pick a little palette that does double or triple duty. If you can, pick a palette with a mirror so you’ve got one in the bag. Pick one with at lease one matte shade that you can also use as a brow powder. I always go for brown and neutral shades that I can build up, and prefer matte over shimmer. This Maybelline palette is a great one because it has various shades and can definitely double as a brow powder and eyeliner, should you apply it wet with a mini eyeliner brush. It’s also cheap, so you can dedicate it to your bag.


Mascara. I never leave home without mascara – it’s my “must.” Luckily, these days you can get mini samples of many mascaras at Sephora or Nordstrom if you ask for them. If you can’t score a sample, try the Best in Show Mini Mascara Duo from Dior. Use the maximizer at home, but take the mini Diorshow on the road in your capsule. The brush is awesome, and Diorshow is fantastic.


nightanddayLips. I always, always have CITY Lips Minis with me on any flight. I carry one in my pants pocket, one in my capsule kit, and one usually in my jacket pocket. Seriously. Your lips dry out when you travel, and few things are less attractive than getting to your destination and trying to apply lip color on top of chapped, dry lips. Not only does CITY Lips Advanced stay put to keep my lips moisturized on a plane or when I enter new climates, it keeps my lips plump and youthful, drawing focus away from my tired eyes! When all else fails, do what the celebs do and wear big sunglasses and apply CITY Lips. It looks chic and it really works.


bronzerCheeks/Contour. I have naturally really rosy cheeks, so I don’t take a blush in my kit. You certainly can, in which case I recommend a lip and cheek product like the Josie Maran Argan Mini Color Stick, which acts as blush and lip color and is small for your kit. I love matte bronzers and contouring powder, so I carry a mini bronzer like the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer from their Hot Cocoa Collection. Again, small and compact for the kit and can double as eye color in a pinch.




So those are my faves for a capsule makeup kit! Put one together, and you can easily grab it and go for an overnighter or a day trip where you aren’t sure whether your makeup will hold up. I also include a travel toothbrush and toothpaste in my kit, as well as a mini hotel bottle of lotion. Make sure you don’t take things out of your kit to use every day so it’s ready at a moment’s notice. What do you like in your capsule kit? What am I missing? Let me know in the comments!






Buy The Most Thoughtful Valentines Day Gifts

The secret to getting your loved one the best gift for Valentines day and for every occasion is very simple: Use your empathy muscles!  Imagine yourself as the person you love and then dream of what would make your life better.  If you don’t have time or energy to meditate on the subject-here are some great gift ideas that keep on giving:


Valentines Day Gifts for Her-Your Wife, Your Girl, Your Mom, Your Sister


City Lips Flowers for Valentines DayFlowers

Skip the cut flowers this year and buy the woman you love a house plant.  It will give her something to care for and if everything goes right-it can last a lifetime.  Traditional cut flowers are great but they only last a week or so and end up a sad and stinky mess.  Choose a hearty plant (a bleeding heart is more than appropriate for the occasion) and put it in a pretty pot to see her smile.


Beauty Restored Set_ CITY Lips Advanced in Clear + CITY Face Skin Remodeler + CITY LashThe Gift Of Beauty

All women love cosmetics, especially the ones that actually do what they claim.  If you want to get her a beauty set that she will actually use this year and that won’t end up in the cosmetics cemetery, get her the City Cosmetics Beauty Restored Set.  It has everything she needs to feel as attractive as possible this holiday from lip plumper to lash growth serum and ant aging cream. It is the perfect set because lips have always been a symbol of sensuality, and they create an impact at first glance. Long, thick lashes are classic frames for smoky, sensual eyes. I wish someone would get this for me!!!


City Lips Valentines Day PaintingArt Work

Buy her a painting of a professional photograph of the town she grew up in or a place you share a special memory from.  The great thing about buying someones artwork is that it is always one of a kind and very thoughtful. Don’t be afraid she won’t like the style of what you pick out.  Just make sure the subject relates to her in some way so she knows you are listening and that you care for her.


Valentines Day Gifts For Him-Your Husband, Your Man, Your Dad, Your Brother


City Lips Valentines Day Gift IdeasMagazine Subscription

Get him a magazine subscription for the ol’ v-day.  If the men in your life are anything like the men I know, they are dedicated to some hobby or interest and like to be in the know about that subject.  They have magazines for every subject these days, from dirt biking to sub temperature camping to painting model cars.  If you can’t find the magazine you are looking for at Barnes and Noble, browse the net for international subscriptions.


City Lip Valentines Day gift ideas for menUnderwear

Men just don’t buy themselves underwear.  They either wait for the women in their life to buy them or they get them issued from the military. They might pick up some they see on sale when they are buying their socks, but that doesn’t happen very often either.  I highly recommend J Crew boxers, or any pair without the elastic exposed on the inside.


City Lips Valentnes Day gift ideas for menDecanter

Every man needs a nice decanter and they are not likely to buy one or themselves.  Make him feel like he is worth a bazillion dollars, is a spy, or is just plain classy.  Decanters are sold at every price range, and you can frequently find them on sale in the homes good section at your favorite department store.  Sweeten up the gift by adding a bottle of his favorite scotch this Valentines Day.





Get the LOOK – Mens Edition – Zac Efron

Men don’t always like to admit it but we feel the pressure to look good as much as anyone else. We don’t even ask “What has he got that I don’t?” when we see Zac Efron.
We know exactly what it is. There is a certain type of respect and envy that we get when guys like that pop up on the screen. Let’s take a short moment to get motivated here and see if we can’t just close the gap a tiny bit between ourselves and this “specimen”.


Now, without turning into one of those psychos that turns to a….surgical means to accomplish our goal, there are a few key things that we can try out.

First thing, it’s time to admit that hitting a gym a few times a week couldn’t hurt, right? I mean – I’m not about to start counting calories. Do you even know how many calories is in a Heineken? Me neither. Now that we have that settled we need to decide on a routine here. Did you know that doing cardio AFTER your weight set will actually burn fat more efficiently? The weights will burn the energy and then then cardio will start to burn into your fat cells to provide you with the energy to keep running. Remember, cardio doesn’t really count unless you are going for 30 minutes or more. When it comes to packing on muscle, you need to make sure you are lifting more weight and doing less reps. If you can do 12 reps in a row; you’re not lifting enough. You should be able to get about 6-8 reps in before you take a short 1 minute break.

Next, do you remember Zac in High School Musical? Me neither. Partly because I didn’t see it (or wouldn’t admit if I had) and partly because he looked like every other 15 year old skate boarder with that hair don’t. Shaggy hair just doesn’t command the same sort of respect in real life as it did outside of a Walgreens in 2004. What am I getting at here? Get a hair cut! Barber Shops are popping up everywhere these days and they can give you a grown up cut that gets you the well groomed manly persona that Zac is going for these days.

Zac-Efron-Best-Looks-2011 Update your style. There is a well defined line between stylish and sloppy BUT you get to dance in between them if you do it right. I’ll admit I’m one of the biggest offenders here. I’ve learned, if there is a stain, tear, or anything else on your clothes that wasn’t there when I bought it – it’s time to toss it (or at least save it mowing the lawn in). There is a place for tanks, t-shirts, and hoodies if they are in condition and they are matched up with new shoes, decent pants, and some good sunglasses. We want people to think “casual” not “hungover”. Hmmm on second thought maybe hold off on the sunglasses and go for some accessories like bracelets or something. See? I’m still learning too.

The other thing you will notice about this guy (and anyone else that ladies “swoon” over) is that he seriously takes care of his face. Luckily for me, I have CITY Face and CITY Lips (Original Formula) to take care of that for me. I slap both of them on when I wake up and right before bed. They help to keep me look 22ish again. You’ll thank me when you’re asked for your ID at the bar. That’s something you don’t think you want to happen until it stops. There is something slightly satisfying about having someone ask for your ID, especially when last month the same person just waved you through their line like you were some washed up hack. Okay… maybe that’s just my experience. Trust me though. When you start to see glimpses of your 22 year old self in the mirror, well… you tell me how you feel. Comments below!

Our favorite SAG Awards beauties!

I didn’t see much “SAGging” at the SAG Awards, did you?! Ok, puns are rarely funny, and that one is no exception. What’s our feeling on the SAG (Screen Actor’s Guild) Awards? I’m unqualified to give my opinion, since I love all awards shows. The palpable awkwardness and insecurity, the realization that some actors just are not funny unless they have memorized lines someone else has written for them. Anyway I love watching the shows to see the latest beauty and fashion trends as interpreted by Hollywood, and the SAG Awards were fantastic for that! Here’s what I saw:


Katrina BowdenNude lips are still very much in. Of course they are! Whether you go for a peachy undertone or a pink undertone, nude lips look amazing on any skin tone. You can either go with an intense eye, like Katrina Bowden did, or stick with a more natural eye for an overall fresh, “no-makeup” look. Here at CITY Cosmetics, our favorite nudes are NUDE York (peachy undertones) and Tokyo KISS (pinky undertones). Get the color you want with unbelievable plumping benefits so you can have smooth, supple lips like Katrina!




Kerry WashingtonFlawless skin, sheer lips. Surprise, surprise: flawless skin is in! But really, would you look at Kerry Washington’s skin? She’s 36 and she looks 22. Skin care, ladies: this is why you start early! No amount of makeup can fix skin problems. Foundations and concealers settle into fine lines and wrinkles, and highlight the things you don’t want people to see! The solution? Start using the best anti-aging, anti-wrinkle cream you can find (like, for instance, CITY Face Skin Remodeler!) morning and night. Wear sunscreen every day. You’ll be amazed at how much better your skin looks and feels in just a month, and you’ll be on your way to looking years younger! By the way, if you love Kerry’s full, sheer lip look, try CITY Lips Advanced in SIN City (golden-nude undertones) or TINSEL Town (pinky undertones).




Jessica ChastainDon’t you just love Jessica Chastain? I know she didn’t come out of nowhere, but seriously, last year she was in every other movie and was amazing in them all. I don’t know if red is her natural hair color, but I am in love with it. The red hair, the fresh makeup, the pale skin, the red dress–and the berry pink lips! She’s just gorgeous. I can’t give you duplicates for the flawless hair, diamonds, or dress, but the lips I can help you on. To get the color and the full, soft look of Jessica’s lips, try CITY Lips Advanced in PLUM Springs. Just one sweep across the lips will give you a perfect berry pink without too much intensity, and plumper, softer lips to boot.







Lea MichelleBangs. A few ladies rocked bangs this year, and I was a fan. Bangs are such a strong element on the face that you really have to make sure a professional handles the task for you. Don’t go cutting your own bangs like I did my freshman year of college and end up looking like a clown; invest in those babies by leaving them to an expert. I love the eyebrow-dusting bags Lea Michelle has here–they accentuate her bone structure and the sculpted look she has. Fierce! To complete her look, opt for false lashes, plenty of eyeliner, matte bronzer as a contour, and CITY Lips Advanced in SUN Diego. In case you haven’t noticed, color looks best on full lips–make sure you don’t just go for the color without addressing the lip fullness!


So which SAG Awards looks were your favorite? Who looked hot, and who looked like a hot mess? Let me know in the comments!

6 Tips To Look Perfect At Your Spring Wedding

Look Gorgeous At Your Wedding City LipsWhether you are getting married in the spring of 2013, are in a bridal party, or just attending a wedding in a matter of months, it is important you look your best.  It seems early to start preparing for a wedding, but for your skin, hair and body to have a chance to transform into perfection, you should start preparing now.

If you are on top of things to already be thinking about how you plan to look fabulous at your wedding, you have a good head start.  Beginning the journey to marital bliss by starting it with  perfect wedding day is always easier for those who plan ahead.  Follow these simple tips to feel like the princess you are!

1.  Follow a healthy diet. Start several months before the wedding. Fresh fruit and vegetables and lean meat will make you look and feel good. Be cautious about big weight fluctuations or you may need to get a new dress. Looking perfect is easy when you get enough sleep. Avoid stress, learn how to relax and try sleep at least 8 hours a dayTake your vitamins and drink more water than seems sane.

2.  Prepare your skin.  If you aren’t already preparing your skin with an anti wrinkle and line cream, you should start now.  It is essentially you have glowing skin and many creams take months to really start showing results.  The good thing is, you will probably start seeing some results right away which can boost confidence and motivation in the time leading up to the big day.

City Face Perfect Wedding SkinThe world of face creams is daunting and it can be hard to choose the right one.  They are expensive and no one wants to waste their time or money on something that doesn;t work, especially on the precious months before your wedding! If you want something that REALLY WORKS, smells great and can double as a primer to save you some money, try City Face Skin Remodeler.  It reduces wrinkles by as much as 40% in less than 60 days!

3. Care for your hair.  The main thing to remember when considering haircare is that not all your body hair is on your head.  You have eyebrows, eyelashes and body hair to consider.

Make sure you make the time to do a deep conditioning treatment on your hair every two weeks leading up to the wedding.  Wash your hair well but not often.  If you have any problems with scalp dryness, now is the time to go see your doctor for treatment. Get your hair cut ahead of time in case your hair dresser botches it up, you will still have a few weeks to get the color or cut corrected if necessary.

City Lash Wedding EyelashesSince there is nothing that can transform your eyes like your eyebrows and eyelashes, it s important they are looking their best.  To get the best looking brows and lashes for your wedding day, it is important they are both thick and healthy.  You can improve the health and appearance of your eyebrows and eyelashes with City Lash.  Use the treatment everyday leading up to your wedding and rest assured your eyelashes will be longer and thicker than ever, and your eyebrows will be full for perfect shaping.

If you are considering waxing for your wedding night and it isn’t something you normally have done, make sure you start seeing an esthetician now.  You need to make sure to find someone good and that your skin won’t get irritated by the process.  The last thing you would want is red blotchy skin or scabbing on our wedding night.

4. Exercise.  You need to do more than cardio before your wdding.  Of course you are trying to lose that last 5 pounds or possibly more and cardio seems like the answer.  You should do cardio but dont forget to lift weights.  The tone and definition of your body will look better if it is slightly muscular-especially your arms in your wedding dress.

In addition, weight training helps to keep your metabolism up even while you aren’t working out.  It doesn’t make you as hungry as a cardio workout either, preventing you from eating all the wedding cake samples the moment you get home from the gym.

City Lips Perfect Wedding Lips5.  Perfect your pucker.  On the day when you will be hugging and kissing more people than you probably will ever hug and kiss on any other day in your life, you will want to have a healthy mouth to do it with.

Stop drinking coffee, tea, soda, wine, and anything with tannins right now.  Your teeth will stay whiter and if you have them bleached a few times before the big day, they will look gorgeous!

Care for your lips.  Your lips are one of the biggest indicators of age and beauty.  If you want to look perfect on your wedding day, you need to start smoothing lines and increasing collagen in your lips now.  Use a lip plumping treatment (notice I said treatment, not just a gloss or moisturizer- you’re going to want something with long term benefits).  The best we have tried is City Lips Advanced formula.  Make sure you put it on every night before bed to have soft and line free lips before the wedding.

City Lips Look Perfect for your wedding6.  Keep healthy relationships.  The time that leads up to your wedding can be one of the most exciting and stressful times in your life.  You are probably relying on friends, family members and especially your partner to help prepare everything.  It is great to delegate responsibilities and get help, but make sure you show thankfulness and respect in return.

Do not put any stress on your relationships because that can ruin your wedding.  Stay yourself through the process so that your don’t drive away your loved ones or cause any tension which can lead to cold feet.  Send thank you notes to those who help you and make sure you make time for normal fun activities with your future spouse!


Warm up your Winter with SIN City!

Have you ever picked the wrong shade of makeup? Maybe it was a blush or an eye shadow that just made you look a little sallow? You might have picked a lip color that just seemed to clash with the rest of your face? Sometimes it isn’t apparent until you leave the warm glow of the bathroom lights and step out into the blaring daylight. Maybe a few co-workers start to act all sly while they give you a wink and say ” Was somebody out past their bedtime last night?”. If you work at a car dealership, they might even go the distance and chug imaginary bottles of wine. The motherly figures at work might say something like “Are you feeling okay today?” 

By lunchtime your head is spinning with questions. “Why is everyone asking me if I was up late? Why did Nancy think I have the flu? What is wrong with my face?!?!” Fail

Don’t worry my friend. This kind of thing happens from time to time. You simply picked the wrong color of something and it has sucked the life out of your face. There is something that can be done to salvage your dignity and it’s very simple.

Warm it up.

Whether it’s blush, eye shadow, or your lip color: the most common beauty blunder committed is choosing a color that is too cool for your natural color palette. You see, contrary to popular belief, 98% of people are flattered by warm tones. The only exception that easily springs to mind is red heads with pink undertones that burn easily in the sun. Most of us look much more natural wearing warmer shades. The right colors will bring a glow to your face and make you look healthy and well rested.

You can easily warm up your makeup by putting a little gold shimmer over the top of cool tones. This will balance them out so they don’t overpower the rest of your face. The trick is to use it sparingly and make sure you are using a very finely ground gold dust – not glitter. As a makeup artist with 5 years of experience, I can say that is one tip that has saved face more often than almost any other. When ever a color seems to fight for control of the face, a little gold shimmer dust is the perfect way to help it harmonize with the rest of the look. This is why I have decided to tell you about SIN City.

Tyra_Banks SIN City is exactly what you get when you mix Advanced Formula in Clear with a little bit of 24 Karat gold shimmer and a bit of pink bronze pigment. It blends perfectly with every color I have ever mixed it with. It adds that subtle warmth and dimension to every color I’ve blended it with. It even looks amazing all by itself if you want to achieve that light natural glossy nude look. I highly recommend trying SIN City to any of you that are wanting to warm up your color palette. It just might be the thing to transform that “sick day” color into your go to shade. I’ve seen it happen!