City Lips Lip Plumper


What is the difference between City Lips Original and Advanced Formulas?
Both formulas contain our award-winning oligopeptide technology to increase the collagen production in your lips for a lasting result, but City Lips Advanced Formula contains the added benefit of hyaluronic acid (or HA) plumping spheres to deliver an instant plump to your lips! Our Advanced Formula is a bit thicker than our Original Formula, which can result in increased moisture delivery to the lips. Each individual is unique, so we encourage you to try both formulas and see which you like best!

How do I use City Lips for maximum results?
We recommend you use the City Lips product of your choice directly on your lips a minimum of twice per day. (Many clients who have achieved amazing results use it much more often!) Studies performed by the Good Housekeeping Institute revealed that City Lips can increase the size of your lips by an average of 3mm in thirty days! With continued use, your increased lip volume will be maintained. Don't fret about your lips continuing to grow; each person has a maximum result beyond which your body will not allow your lip volume to pass. Your lips will always look full and natural for you!

Can I use City Lips in combination with other products?
Yes! We recommend layering City Lips under other lipsticks or lip cosmetics. Simply apply the City Lips of your choice and wait a few minutes before applying another product.

I feel a tingle when I use City Lips. Am I allergic to it?
Most likely not! If you have never used a lip enhancing product before or your lips are not accustomed to having any product on them (example: men, or women who rarely use cosmetics), your lip tissue may be more sensitive to City Lips formulas--particularly the Advanced Formula and its instant plumping ingredients. A tingle or warm sensation is not out of the ordinary, and will typically subside in 5-10 minutes. Rest assured, City Lips is not like other products that use an irritant to plump your lips. The tingle you feel is the active ingredient working, so sit tight and let it do its magic!

I don't feel a tingle when I use City Lips. Is it working?
Yes, it is working! Many women who have tried lip plumping products in the past will not feel any tingle from City Lips formulas, which are much more gentle than lip plumpers that contain irritants. You may not feel any sensation from the product, but it will be working! Many of our clients love City Lips because it does not use a tingling or burning sensation like other products to create the plump, but works because of its active ingredients and unique formula!


How long does it take for something shipped via Standard Shipping to reach me?

City Cosmetics ships all Standard orders via United States Postal Service First Class Mail. Our warehouse ships orders Monday through Friday. Orders placed before 4:00pm Mountain Standard Time will ship the next business day; orders placed after 4:00pm Mountain Standard Time may require one additional day for processing. Inside the U.S., your order will take 5-10 days to reach you after shipment. City Cosmetics is not responsible for orders once they have been delivered to your address. Please make sure you select a shipping address where a package can be left in your absence. 

A word on our new international shipping rates: 

If you order City Lips from outside the U.S., you may notice that our shipping rates have increased. In an effort to provide you with the best possible customer experience and shortest wait times for your order, we are now shipping using Fed Ex International for almost all shipping outside the United States. This service is more expensive than our previously-offered Standard Shipping service, but will allow you to receive your order much more quickly--sometimes, in less than 3 days! As always, customs, duties and broker fees (if applicable) are your responsibility.

We are working to provide local retail options for our international customers to purchase City Lips! If you have a store in your area where you would like to see City Lips, let your store know! You can also let us know by emailing and requesting City Lips in a local store. We value your business and are committed to providing excellent customer service to all City Cosmetics customers, regardless of their location.

*Canadian customers: at this time, Standard Shipping is still and option for your order; however, delays with Canada Post may result in up to 5-6 week wait times for delivery. We strongly urge you to use the Fed Ex method available at checkout to avoid lengthy wait times.