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Lip plumpers come in all shapes, sizes, and price points. Some are painful, some don’t work, and some waste both your time and your money!

ABC News Compares Lip Plumpers. Watch This Video To See The Results

ABC 7 News

Dr. Dean ran a test using 15 women as part of the study, comparing lip plumping products. The results showed that CITY Lips was the best lip plumper with an average lip plump increase of 3 millimeters.

CITY Lips Compared To Your Other Options

CITY Lips lip plumper is the only plumper on the market capable of delivering an instant as well as a semi-permanent effect—and one that will last long-term with continued use.

This lip plumper review and comparison is based on actual ingredients and user results:

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Can CITY Lips Actually Plump Your Lips in 10 Minutes?

A study was performed on a group of 15 women…

Here's their before and after shots from that study:

CITY Lips Plumps within 10 minutes

15 women between the ages 17-40 applied CITY Lips advanced formula every night for 30 days.

  • Instant visible results are shown after 10 minutes of application
  • Long term results are shown after 30 days of continued use.

Photos are all actual results, and have not been retouched.

Why Some Lip Plumpers Don't Work As They Claim?

Just because a gloss calls itself a lip plumper doesn’t mean you can expect it to actually work. It’s important to understand how various lip plumping products work, why they work, and what you can expect. For instance, many lip plumping products available on drugstore shelves achieve a plumping “effect” through the use of an irritant like cinnamon or menthol. They irritate your lips so they temporarily redden and swell and can even cause an embarrassing or painful reaction with the delicate skin of your lips!

Long lasting plumping comes from increasing the collagen in your lips so that they plump from the inside out. You can achieve these results with painful, expensive injections, which can leave you looking overdone and “fake”—or you can invest in a lip plumping product that actually builds the collagen in your lips, giving you a gorgeous, lasting, natural looking pout! See how City Lips works to safely plump your lips instantly, and have a semi-permanent effect.

What Women Everywhere Are Saying About CITY Lips

All I ask of a beauty product is that it lives up to advertising claims. City Lips Advanced Formula lip plumper does what it's supposed to do. It's also the best available lip moisturizer. Even in the dryest desert weather, one coat at night keeps lips from drying until morning. And the customer service at City Lips is the best around! Review by Sandra
I have used City Lips since February of 2002. After just a short while using it, I never ever had chapped lips again. Regardless of weather or other factors, chapped flaking dry lips have become a thing of the past. And this is for over 9 years now! Review by Diane
I have been using City Lips for a few years now. I love the product. It is the only one that seems to work on the lips as well as stay on for long periods without smearing or being sticky. I love it so much, that when I couldn't find it in my city anymore...I now order it from the company itself!! The clear is my favorite, but the other colors are very pretty as well!! Try it, you won't regret it. Review by Anika